Custom Vocabulary

    Specify keywords/phrases to boost

    Boost accuracy for a list of keywords/phrases when transcribing an audio file.

    Control the weight of the boost

    You can also include the optional boost_param parameter in your API call to control how much weight should be applied to your keywords/phrases. This value can be either "low", "default", or "high". For example:

    Formatting tips

    Special Characters

    With each post request able to accept its own set of words to boost, many developers will dynamically populate that list based on customer input. Sometimes your word boost list may contain a unique character that the model is not expecting, such as the é in Andrés. In these cases, our model will still accept the word and convert the special character to the ASCII equivalent if there is one; in this case, Andres and then return the word in the transcript (if detected) without the accented/unique character.

    Here is an example of a returned transcript containing the name Andrés.

    Hi Andres! How are you doing? 


    You can pass a maximum of 1,000 unique keywords/phrases in your word_boost list. Each keyword/phrase in the list must be 6 words or less. Transcribing with this feature may slow transcription processing speed down by 10-15%.